Miss Info Rocks Neon And Nail Art On 'Hip Hop Squares'

Miss Info, Hip Hop SquaresMiss Info sports killer nails on "Hip Hop Squares."

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If it was the pop culture trivia (and Kat Graham’s amazing tropical dress) that first hooked us onto MTV2’s new series Hip Hop Squares, then Miss Info is here to officially reel us in. The New York-based radio personality is the special guest on the second episode of the show, showing off her rad personal style alongside fellow stars Fat Joe and DJ Khaled. In the sneak peek of tonight’s clip, the Hot 97 host wears a neon red-orange sleeveless blouse with black skinny jeans. Simple, right? Wrong. It might seem like a basic outfit, but look closely and you’ll see that all the eye-popping awesomeness is in the details, like the tiny studs on the shirt collar, her heart-shaped pendants, and her soft smoky eye. "I'm wearing a Zara shirt," Minya told MTV Style, "I've figured out the science of how not to look like a bloated, moon-faced zombie on TV. Wear garish reds, oranges, golds and pinks. Sometimes all at once but always in a structured top." She elaborates on the "structured" bit, adding, "Never go for strappy tank tops because that makes top-heavy gals look like porkers. And semi-'professional' *wink wink* And finally, always opt for a V-neck. It's the key to letting 'the girls' in on the action. They want to be involved and just want to help." LOLZ. Luh her.

Miss Info’s ultimate statement, though, HAS to be her black and pink nail art, which reminds us of a mashup of Art Deco-meets-geometry class, and we love it. She kept things interesting, opting for a subtle black and pink cross on her ring finger to switch it up a bit. "My nails are always Japanese hand-painted," said Minya of her drool-worthy manicure, "Cal gel via Marie Nails in Soho." After coveting her nail art all afternoon, we're seriously tempted to re-create the look ourselves once we get the full effect tonight on the show. In the meantime, though, watch Miss Info freak out about appearing alongside hip hop greats and joke about how "she can retire now" in the preview below!


Hip Hop Squares: Miss Info

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