The 'Girls' Cast Holds A New York City Stoop Sale

The 'Girls' cast filming May 25.
Photo: Getty Images

If we hadn't already trained our eyes to recognize the cast of Girls from a mile away (we know, we're obsessed...), we'd actually think this was a photo of real Brooklyn friends hanging out on their stoop. After all, that's pretty much how we spend approximately 50% of our free time, and if you've set foot in New York City recently, you'll know that it's impossible to walk a block without tripping over someone's DIY sidewalk sale. In a stroke of total genius, Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, and Jemima Kirke hold a stoop sale of their own in an upcoming episode of Dunham's HBO series. Their "shop," hilariously called Maiden's Milk vintage boutique, is totally true to life, filled with old shoes, clothing, and even some stuffed animals they're trying to get rid of. Critics have been calling Girls the "anti Sex & The City" since Day One for its no frills depictions of 20-something city life, and the stoop sale sneak peek pretty much cements this decidedly un-glam status. Let's be real: Carrie Bradshaw would rather burn her stash of Manolos than shop for used clothes. But then again, that's exactly what makes Girls so much fun.

From the show's thrifted fashions to the awkward, "OMG I've totally been there" moments, the show has made it its mission to show the good, the bad, and the downright ugly parts of young adulthood. As the show's costume designer Jenn Rogien told Fashion Etc., "The show wasn't about clothes. It's about the girls, and [HBO] really wanted someone who could get on board with that and really get that they were trying to do these kind of crazy girls who aren't necessarily all that put together." After all, being a crazed, broke, and drama-ridden recent college grad is what your 20s are all about...right? Considering the series has just been picked up for a second season, we've got a lot more scuffed shoes, costume jewelry, and secondhand clothing to look forward to. YES.

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