Taylor Swift Has A Face Painting Girls Night

Taylor Swift, face painting

Taylor Swift, Claire Kislinger, and Ashley Avignone's face painting party.
Photo: Taylor Swift's Instagram

Sometimes we forget Taylor Swift is a celebrity. It sounds crazy, but if you follow the singer on Twitter or Instagram, you'll understand how it slips our mind that she's this mega-famous, super-talented musician, because she always just looks like she's having so. much. fun. Whether it's giggling at her cats, baking chocolate chip cookies, or Tweeting sneak previews of her songs, TSwift always manages to put the "social" in social media. When we last checked in on the musician, she was busy dressing up with Dianna Agron and stylist Ashley Avignone to celebrate Shirley McLaine's birthday (complete with floral wreaths in their hair- nice touch, guys!). On Wednesday Taylor and co. had another girls night in with another DIY adventure... but this time around, it involved a little face paint.

Ashley Avignone-who you may remember from her cameos on The Rachel Zoe Project-worked some crafty magic on the girls, sketching flowers, butterflies, and even unicorns on their foreheads and cheeks. They've got quite the supply spread, judging from the photos of pens, paint, and brushes sprawled out across the floor. Taylor even tweeted that she was seriously impressed with her skills, and we have to agree. Our only suggestion: we hope the friends turn these art-fashion fests into a weekly thing, because we LOVE them.

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