These Are A Few Of Richard Chai's Favorite Things

Richard Chai

Richard Chai.
Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Stern

There's nothing NOT to <3 about the uh-mazing designer Richard Chai. If you're a dedicated MTV Style reader (as you should be!) you know that Richie bangs out some seriously salivating sartorial haute sauce, whether it be via NYFW runways or the cement, stiletto-stomping catwalks of SoHo. Newsflash: The 2010 CFDA champion (who received the Swarovski Award for Menswear, NBD) is not at all afraid of some floral pattern action, and we're not afraid of opening a few credit cards to seriously spice up our closet's life. And can we all please agree on something incredibly important? His 10/10 dreamboat rating. *swoon* (I may or may not have spotted/creeped on Chai on many a downtown, strobe-light flashing dance floor, mesmerized by his effortlessly cool steez AKA immaculate face whilst I'm getting my Robyn-inspired stilettos (okay, Converse)-and-broken-bottles on.) So, put your hot dog down y'all because for this especially special Memorial Weekend Favorite Things' edish, RICHARD FREAKIN' CHAI (!!!) spills all of the fashion-y beans (see: Linda Farrow sunnies, a sparkly Rolex, Vita Coco Coconut H20 as a hangover helper). YUM!


Richard Chai

Photo: Courtesy of Richard Chai

Statement Piece: A Rolex watch.

Karaoke Jam: 'Scenario' by A Tribe Called Quest.

eBay Purchase: Vintage Commes des Garcons army jacket.


Richard Chai

Photo: Courtesy of Richard Chai

Summer Shoes: Nike Free Run +2 in color Black/White/Volt.

Hangover Remedy: Vita Coco coconut water.

Sunglasses: Linda Farrow.


Richard Chai

Photo: Courtesy of Richard Chai

Cologne: Odin New York's 02 Owari.

Undies: Hanro woven boxers.

Advice: "Be you!"


Richard Chai

Photo: Illustration courtesy of Rubirosa

Meal: Anything from the restaurant Rubirosa in Nolita.

Concert T-Shirt: Depeche Mode 101.

Hair Product: AMERICAN CREW 'Fiber'.

Music Videos Of All Time: George Michael's "Freedom" and Fiona Apple's "Criminal".


Richard Chai

Photo: Courtesy of Dan Lecca

S/S Look: X-ray Iris floral prints.

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