Theophilus London Collabs With Del Toro For Limited Edition Shoe

Theophilus London Del Toro

Theophilus London on April 26 and his Del Toro slippers.
Photo: Getty Images/Del Toro

If you haven't gotten the memo, Theophilus London is a style icon. The rapper's fashion repertoire already includes a jewelry line and LVRS hat collection, but he decided to expand his stylish expertise even further to include—GASP—shoes! YUS. He collaborated with Del Toro (a company that specializes in making those too-cool-for-school velvet slippers that you'll often spot on Kanye West or Swizz Beatz's feet) to create a limited edition pair of embroidered loafers.

Theophilus revealed his new kicks via Instagram earlier this week saying, "Paris I'm debuting my new SIGNATURE #RARE #VELVET #SLIPPERS LVRS x @deltoroshoes at The show in PARIS tonight!!!" His limited-edition black velvet loafers are adorned with a rose on the top and gold stars along the side. On the back, his signature "LVRS" logo is embroidered in red ribbon along the seam. There's no word yet on when these shoes will be available to purchase, but be sure to check back at Del Toro's website to keep up to date on ALL the haps.

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