The One Direction Dudes Are Men In Black (And White) At 'MIB3' Premiere

One Direction

The dudes of One Direction wear black and white to the premiere of "Men In Black 3."
Photo: Getty Images

Alright alright, that headline is soooo *ba dum tsh*, but COME ON. How could we resist? The fresh-faced cuties of One Direction attended the premiere of Men In Black 3 in these slick, stark black-and-white ensembles, and we just couldn't resist! We're very familiar with 1D's propensity for coordinating, but the crisp cleanness of this (lack of) color palette paired with how undeniably festive it is considering the MIB agent uniforms definitely made us sit up and pay attention.

Zayn kept things edgy with a black leather moto jacket as his biggest outfit element, wearing it with a tailored shirt buttoned all the way to the tippy top, black pants, and the CLEANEST white kicks we've ever laid eyes on. Harry kept things preppy with a GQ-worthy satin lapel blazer, scoop neck tee, white vest, black trousers, and black leather lace up dress shoes. Liam kept things JT-chic in a white button-up vest combo, while Louis rocked a B&W version of his go-to suspenders look. Niall was dressed casual cool in jeans and a polo but dressed it up a notch with a contrast collar and leather sneakers. Well done, boys. Well done.

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