Robert Pattinson To Wear Gucci In 'Cosmopolis'

Robert Pattinson in Gucci for "Cosmopolis."
Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

The 2012 Cannes Film Festival is currently in full-swing, and one of the most hotly anticipated film debuts of the week is Cosmopolis, a cinematic adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel of the same name, courtesy of king of strange and the man behind The Fly David Cronenberg. Robert Pattinson leaves Edward Cullen and Cedric Diggory in the dust for this major chance at art cred as the film's lead, Eric Parker, a young billionaire who picks just about the worst day ever to trek across Manhattan for a haircut. But yogurt-thick plotlines, unexpected tonsorial spoilers, and odyssey epics aside, we're here to answer the question burning on the tip of everyone's tongue. What is R.Pattz going to be WEARING on this day-long trip to the barber?? The answer: Gucci.

A sketch of Robert Pattinson in Gucci for "Cosmopolis."
Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

The luxurious fashion house collaborated with costume designer Denise Cronenberg (David's sister!) to custom create a "sleek and elegant" look for Pattinson. His character is outfitted in a Gucci staple silhouette - a black two button notch lapel Signoria. The suit is tailored to Robert's precise measurements and styled with a custom-fit white cotton shirt, skinny black silk tie, crisp leather belt with silver buckle detail, and a pair of slick black leather dress shoes. "The concept I had in mind for Rob's character was decided as I read the script. It would require an elegant, expensive suit, white shirt and slim tie," said Denise of dressing for Eric Parker, "Rob wore the collection head to toe - I could not have accomplished this look without the help of Gucci,” said Cronenberg.

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