Trend To Try: Fingernail Rings!

Fingernail Rings

Fingernail rings in action.
Photo: Via Gwaan

Seriously, our jewelry box is getting out of control here, you guys. It reached overflow status about a year ago, and now that we've added yet another obsession to add to our stash, we're going to have to call in for backup. Check out these brilliant fingernail rings, courtesy of online shop Gwaan. The basic version gets the Honey, I Shrunk The Kids treatment with these miniatures that won't slip past your first knuckle (an even smaller version of the midi rings, if you can believe it...). Lady Gaga's done it, Rihanna's worn them, so isn't it about time we hop on board? (not that we really needed a reason to try...)

They're teeny, cool, and the geometric designs could SO be mistaken for nail art- a definite plus, if you're DIY-challenged. But even if not, your fingers are just begging you to try this tiny trend. You can score the Gwaan edition above for just $7, but they're not the only company going mini. Canadian label Reborn has a pearl style, New York brand Bijules (who counts Rooney Mara, Fergie and Beyonce as fans) is stocked with luxe gold and silver, and we have a feeing the accessory is going to invade fast fashion really soon. So who cares if this means we'll have to find another jewelry box? Totally worth it. These super cute nail rings prove that good things really do come in small packages.

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