Ingrid Michaelson Gets A Rockstar Makeover In Her New 'Blood Brothers' Video

Ingrid Michaelson in

Ingrid Michaelson as Lady Gaga and David Bowie in "Blood Brothers."
Photo: Courtesy of Mom + Pop Records

Nope, that's NOT Lady Gaga or Ziggy Stardust. It's Ingrid Michaelson ,the girl responsible for the uber-catchy Old Navy sweater commercial way back in the day that we still can't get out of our heads. The New York singer and songwriter has come a long way since then, rolling out floaty indie pop singles like "Maybe," doing the a-capella thing with versions of megahits like "We Found Love," and making song cameos on shows like Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill. Now she's branching out into something a little different- but if you ask us, "different" is an understatement. The musician has undergone a total transformation in the video for her new single "Blood Brothers," getting made up into as seven of the world's most iconic celebrities, starting with Marilyn Monroe and finishing as David Bowie.

Thanks to a little movie magic (and not to mention some seriously talented makeup artists), Michaelson gets whipped into character in the clip below. First she's Marilyn Monroe with a poufy bleach-blond wig and signature beauty mark, before bro-ing out as John Lennon in his circular shades. Then it's a hair-bowed Lagy Gaga, a convincingly scary KISS frontman Gene Simmons, and a beehived Amy Winehouse (with her trademark sailor tattoo). The last incarnation of the singer shows her as David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona, a transformation so perfect we almost didn't believe it was her. Then again, since "Blood Brothers" is all about our shifting identities- isn't that kind of the point? Watch the spot-on video here, and tell us which version of Ingrid is your favorite.

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