Zac Efron Goes Incognito In A Moustache And Aviators

Zac Efron Moustache Aviators

Zac Efron on April 25 and May 21.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Hey, guys, where did Zac Efron go? *looks around* We're not sure if we should file a mission persons report because that last time we spotted Mr. Efron (just a mere two days ago) he was looking a bit unlike himself. Remember that fresh-faced, sparkly blue-eyed boy with swept back hair and dapper duds? Well, he's gone. The new Zac is a, um, slightly older, grittier version of his former self—the most notable change being that he has a GIANT MOUSTACHE on his face. I mean, this is nothing TOO new—Zac has sported all kinds of crazy facial hair before. But there's something about this look that is particularly uncomfortable-making, and we think it has a little something to do with his super dark '70s aviators and nondescript beanie.

Like, OK, moustaches can be done, but it takes a certain kind of facial hair to make it less creepy and more cool. Zac's barely-there, light brown 'stache is soooomewhat making the cut, but if you're a dude, and you want to wear a moustache, go the Orlando Bloom route. He's got dark enough hair that his facial fuzz isn't a mystery but more of a statement. We don't want no peach fuzz! Also, since moustaches automatically make most people look like their wearing a disguise, you might want to turn down the incognito factor by wearing EITHER a sunglasses or hat, but probably not both. But what do you think—do you like Zac Efron better with a moustache or without? Tell us below!

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