Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst Play Opposites At Cannes

Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Cannes.

K.Stew and K.Dunst at Cannes Film Festival today.
Photo: Getty Images.

Kristen Stewart has been killing it on the red carpet recently with some seriously fashion-forward dresses (see: her BCBG harness outfit, Marchesa see-through lace gown, and art deco-inspired Balenciaga minidress), and we’ve been obsessed with all the unexpected awesomeness coming from the Snow White and the Hunstman star. But chalk it up to the long hours, paparazzi overdose, or just plain exhaustion, she’s now returned to her tomboyish roots. Look no further than Cannes Film Festival, where she’s promoting the big screen adaptation of On The Road. Posing next to costar Kirsten Dunst and dressed in brightly printed Balenciaga skinny trousers and a basic white tank, she looks especially laid-back. (Pssst: is it just us, or do these pants remind you of the Balenciaga top she wore earlier this year?) Paired with black pumps, a Rebecca Minkoff blazer, and sunglasses, this is an outfit we can picture K.Stew wearing even after the her PYT duties are over…minus the heels, obviously.

Kirsten Dunst headed in the opposite direction, fashion-wise, for the On The Road photocall in a Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 tea-length dress. And as fancy as the look may be, she's actually dressed-down from the ornate runway original, leaving off much of the blingy jewelry and instead styling her version with girly Charlotte Olympia pumps. The one accessory she did keep from the runway? Look closely and you'll see her bejeweled floral Dolce & Gabbana headpiece, which adds a boho-whimsy edge to the angelic outfit.

K.Stew vs. K.Dunst: whose dueling style do you like the best? And if you can't decide, that's okay. We can't, either...

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