Are These The Brass Knuckles That Got 2 Chainz Arrested?

2 Chainz Brass Knuckles

2 Chainz and Dope Couture brass knuckles.
Photo: MTV/Courtesy of Dope Couture

Just yesterday, rapper 2 Chainz was arrested in New York's LaGuardia Airport for carrying a pair of "brass knuckles" in his bag, according to MTV News. After the "metal knuckles" inside his carry-on set off an alarm, police took 2 Chainz into custody for misdemeanor possession of a weapon in the 4th degree. When news spread about the rapper's arrest, friends Big Sean and DJ Drama took to Twitter to clarify what they think what was really in 2 Chainz's carry-on.

According to some, the brass knuckles in question were ACTUALLY just a four-finger ring. Big Sean tweeted, "2 chainz ain't have no brass knuckles, it was a 4 finger ring that spelled hood. We had a shoot yesturday n he was rockin em." DJ Sean even Instagramed a picture of 2 Chainz wearing the four-finger ring, which shows the word "DOPE" etched along the front.

Brass knuckles most certainly are considered a weapon that shouldn't be taken lightly, but should 2 Chainz be arrested if he was, in fact, only carrying a four-finger ring? MTV News even caught up with the rapper this week wearing the accessory in question, which can be purchased from Dope Couture. The $48 ring comes in silver, gunmetal, and matte black (the gold will be re-released soon), in two different sizes. In the description of the rings, there is now a clear disclaimer on the site that reads: "This ring is considered a weapon by some law enforcement. Do not attempt to take this with you through any security terminals. Use caution." What do you think—should four-finger rings be considered a weapon or is it just another harmless fashion accessory? Tell us in the comments below!


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