This Is What Beyonce Wears To Play Pool


This is what Beyonce wears to play pool.
Photo: Courtesy of iAmWillJ91's YouTube channel

This week, the Internet bestowed upon us a video relic from the Beyonce archives. In this video, she teaches the world how to play pool. There are few things in this world that get people excited quite like the candid lives of celebrities, but more than a voyeuristic peephole and educational short, this video is a moving snapshot of late-Destiny's Child era Bey and her early-aughts casual fashion.

The dawn of the new millenium was a bit of a weird time sartorially. For some, like Queen Bey, the ribbed cottons, low-rise jeans, and big hoop earrings were very agreeable, but even in retrospect, it's clear this was a strange period for casualwear. Through her light-hearted smack-talking and victory dances, we're permitted to watch some garment and accessory styles that were hallmark to the time in action.

When Beyonce plays pool, she means business, and instead of a simple pulled back updo, she goes the extra mile, tucking all her hair away into a chic head scarf with a playful braided edge. She plays a bit of a fashion Jedi mind trick with her ruffle-hemmed Bohemian crop top, fooling her opponent into a false underestimation of her skills. On the bottom, she wears a mean pair of distressed jeans, all the better to kick some serious butt.


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