The Best One Direction Nail Art

Seriously, if you haven't heard of the UK boy band One Direction by now you either A.) Don't hang around enough ladies and gents under 21 years old or B.) Hate fun. Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson make up the starry-eyed fivesome that found fame thanks to The X Factor, but most of you Directioners already knew that. ;) Listen though, we know even the most diehard fans get tired of same ol' T-shirt and tote bag merch game, so we rounded up the best nail art to inspire ladies across the globe to spread their obsession from their threads to their tips. First up: Victoria from California showed off her One Direction love with a RIDICULOUSLY on-point mani. Not only is her art careful and precise, but it's also clever. She included the traditional "1D" logo on her thumb, Zayn's cross-fingered arm tattoo on her pointer finger, the UK flag (for obvious reasons) on her middle finger, a suspenders homage to Louis on her ring finger, and the Irish flag for Niall on her pinky. NIOCE!

Lucky for us there's five members in One Direction meaning five GREAT reasons to paint your tips! Paola Abreu did mini illustrations of all the band member's faces, and we have to give it up for her. The handiwork is impressive as well as her attention to detail. Way to go, girl!

The set just might be one of our faves because, duh, it focuses on the clothes. Nail artist Miss Goob was inspired by the band's outfits from the "One Thing" music video, and they couldn't have been recreated any better. (Seriously, we thought Zooey Deschanel's tuxedo nails were cool, but this kiiindddaa puts them to shame.)

The gal who did this minimalist One Direction set is only fifteen. We repeat, SHE IS ONLY FIFTEEN. *dies* Nades is one talented lady, and we just wanted to let everyone know by showing off her work here.

Ummmmm, when we refer to nail art as "mini masterpieces," this is what we mean. This artwork could be put on canvas and sold all over the world because it is SO. DANG. GOOD. This illustrator has their own style (which we love) AND made all the members cute to boot.

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