Would You Wear Floating Shoes?

Jeffrey Campbell's "Upend" and "Float" style shoes.
Photo: Courtesy of SoleStruck

Okay, maybe that headline is just the teensiest bit misleading, BUT what else would you call these latest Jeffrey Campbell offerings?? Those top ones, the "Upend," appear to be some kind of cousin to the oxford, and the bottom shoe, JC's "Float," appears, at first glance, to be a perspex sandal. They both have lucite heels, but by no means would I consider these "lucite heels." These shoes (one thing we know they are!!) inhabit in a strange classification limbo, caught in an unchartered middle ground between flats and heels/wedges, and we're not quite sure how we feel about it.

We really want to know what these shoes are and to where you would wear them. I mean, SoleStruck, I understand that it's not your aesthetic to shoot footwear with actual feet in them. That's just not how you roll. But maybe, just this once, you might consider a model shot? Just one. Thankfully, we follow you on Instagram, so we've seen your team trying them on in the office, but what about the unnamed others out there? What about the casual shoe shoppers who come across this and think, "I think I like them? But I also think they look like a window display feature gone wrong"?

To us, these shoes look a little like "flats" made for Barbie feet - you know the ones, with the permanent tip-toe? Or like you stepped in gum and then super glue and then a clear door stop that was also on the floor. (You didn't see it because it's clear. Also, because you're filthy. Clean up your pig sty, GEEZ!) To be fair, we still actually think they're pretty cool. I mean, think about the AWESOME Michael Jackson toe-stand costume they could help achieve. MAY. JUH. We just wish there were a platform option, so we could REALLY get into some David Blaine levels of float illusions. *shrugs* Maybe next season.

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