These Are A Few Of DJ Mia Moretti's Favorite Things

Mia Moretti

Mia Moretti in Pencey fall/winter 2012 lookbook.
Photo: Courtesy of Hugh Lippe

If you're a true KatyCat, then you're well aware that Mia Moretti is Katy Perry’s BFF. (Yeah, that’s her being naughty with a then-unknown Ke$ha in the “I Kissed A Girl” music video and killin' it on the “Peacock” remix from the deluxe edish of Teenage Dream.) But Moretti's also one of New York’s finest dressed DJs/"It" Girls, providing the dance floor/arms-flailing-ready tunes for a bevy of chic runway shows and after-parties. (A-List designer Prabal Gurung’s a super fan. NBD.) She's also WORKED it in a slew of head-turning spreads for PAPER and Nylon magazine. And then there's the JAMMMM "So Beautiful" in which Moretti's other half, Caitlin Moe (who you'll often find heel-clad/losing her mind on the strings whilst touring the globe performing with Moretti), showcases her haunting pipes over Moretti's euphoric beats and shadow-y synth. In short, I’ve been kinndaaaa obsessed with Moretti ever since meeting her at a downtown boite a couple summers ago whilst confusing her for Chloe Sev. Oops! A few tequila shots later, and we’ve been basically the downtown version of Will & Grace ever since. ;-) Gurlfriend is def not afraid of a zany pattern, a little floral action, a good chunky heel and, duh, some Daisy Dukes. So, take out your iPhone notes app—these are a few of Ms. Mia Moretti’s favorite fashion-y things!


mia moretti

All photos: Courtesy of Mia Moretti

Statement Piece: My top bun. It’s the only hair style I know how to do myself, and once it's up, I don't have to worry about my hair all night.


mia moretti

eBay Purchase: The Olympus Stylus camera. You can get it for about $40 on eBay (I know because I've gone through 3 of them this year). The photos turn out gorgeous, and if you use a Lomo film stock, you'll get that original Instagram look... but better.


mia moretti

Perfume: Most perfumes give me crazy headaches, but this Comme de Garçons cologne spray doesn't have any overpowering chemicals or additives. It's also the most delicious smelling thing you could douse all over your body! I'd wear only it if I could. ;)


mia moretti

Concert T-Shirt: Oh, hay! How could this not be my favorite concert T-shirt ever? Mmmm Bop!

Tattoo: I don't have one, but my favorite is my friend Ashley Munn's happy cheeseburger tattoo on her bum! She's one half of fashion label, Rosenmunns.


mia moretti

Sneakers: Margherita Missoni gave them to me as a welcome gift when I got to Milan for their show a few months ago. She's the most gracious and stylish woman I've ever met—leave it to her family to make a sneaker chic!

Fast Food: I love IN-N-OUT Burger because it feels like an old burger joint, not really a fast food chain. I get the works—cheese, sauce, pickles, peppers, etc. Oh, and I get animal style cheese fries. This is our traditional drive home for the Coachella hangover cure.

Magazine: New York Magazine—so I can stay in tune with what's happening in my city when I'm not there!


mia moretti

Sunglasses: Illesteva Frieda.

Nail Polish: Tiger Blossom by OPI Gelish. I just started using this new gel polish because it dries instantly, and it literally lasts a month without chipping. I hate to sound like a beauty blog, but I swear to you... you will LOVE it, and you will wonder how you ever lived with that old fashion nail polish your mom used to use!

Lipstick: YSL. All of them!

Karaoke Song: “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy. There's a karaoke bar three doors down from my apartment, and after a long night out, my friends and I like to pop in for a quick song to help us unwind before bed. There's a private room they let us use when it's not rented out for a party. That's the key to success... don't do karaoke in public or around strangers!

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