Justin Bieber Wears 'Swaggy Adult' Menswear For 'GQ'

Justin Bieber for "GQ" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of GQ

If you weren't already made painfully aware by the cacophonic ladycries heard 'round the world on March 1 (tears of joy and misery alike depending on which side of the age barrier the affected party might lie), Justin Bieber is 18 years old, which means he's technically an adult. The topic of Bieber's burgeoning manhood (and task of representing that pictorially) has been broached by magazines before, but so far, the editorial bridge-crossing from "Baby" to "Boyfriend" (err, Manfriend??) hasn't been quite as effective as GQ's latest offering.

I mean, of course. What better fashion hub than Gentlemen's Quarterly to fashion The Biebs in a coming-of-age spread? They swaddle him in Dolce & Gabbana suits, Thom Browne tailoring, and Rag and Bone knits. Button-up shirts, mixed prints, ties, and tie bars. They even shoehorn him out of his Supra Skytops and into lush sueded YSL designer sneakers, and the effect is brain-pettingly good.

While it doesn't elicit the same tongue-waggingly primal response of that shirtless arm-flexing video he tweeted out yesterday, menswear-clad Bieber has a similar heart-stopping, take-notice effect as a Zac Efron red carpet win (similar, but certainly not identical). It's a look Justin describes as "swaggy adult" and one that, frankly, we're dying to see more (*cough cough* Billboard Awards this Sunday???).


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