Ke$ha Wears Eyeliner On Her Lips, Shows Off Nail Art

Ke$ha Eyeliner Lips Nail Art

Ke$ha at the BMI Pop Music Awards in Beverly Hills on May 15.
Photo: Via @keshasuxx

We ALL know Ke$ha isn't afraid to experiment with her beauty routine (see: American flag face paint, studded hair), but the pop star even manages to turn our view of traditional makeup products completely upside-down. Last night at the BMI Pop Music Awards, K-money tweeted a pic of her freshening up her bold plum pout with the caption, "Puttin eyeliner on my lips. No big deal y'all." Wait, what? That's eyeliner? On your lips? What a FANTASTIC idea! I mean, it can't be that different from lip liner, right? And eyeliner comes in array of SO many freakin' shades that it gives us more room to experiment with our lip color. The best part is that tons of makeup brands carry waterproof and smudgeproof liner so that bold hue will not come off throughout the night. The only problem is that our lips need some moisture, so if you plan on copping Ke$ha's idea, we recommend using a base of a nourishing lip balm first. Also, no liquid liner allowed. Blech!

And, um, HAI AWESOME NAILS. *waves* We've been super into the outline nail art trend as of late, but we're loving Ke$ha's pale pink and black talons with a bold gem (?) on her pointer finger. We also MUST point out her gorge, side-parted blonde waves and killer gold-rimmed lids to pull together one totally bad ass beauty look. WERK!

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