Rihanna Channels Cleopatra In 24K Gold Alligator Jeremy Scott Couture Ensemble

Rihanna Cleopatra Makeup

Rihanna before her Robin Hood Foundation performance in New York on May 14.
Photo: Via @mforde11's Instagram

We were perusing the internets just like we do, um, every minute of every day and accidentally stumbled upon a gold mine. Rihanna's BFF snapped a pic of Ri before her Robin Hood Foundation gala performance on Monday night, and we couldn't tear our eyes away from her shimmering ensemble. RiRi channeled Cleopatra in her all-gold get-up by sporting a cobra snake tiara, blunt bangs, gold hoops, and snake arm cuff. For her makeup, she wore all white shadow around her eyes, dramatic liquid eyeliner, turquoise blue brows, and gold leafing along her nose and cheeks. She finished the look with matching gold lipstick and bustier, but we NEEDED to know more about her ensemble!

Thanks to some more cyber-sleuthing, we found out that our fashion fave Jeremy Scott outfitted RiRi in her all-out amazing ensemble, and he tweeted that her alligator skin top and skirt are made of—get this—24K gold. Wuuuut. The designer ALSO said this was from his Jeremy Scott Couture collection, which gives us a may-juh eyebrow raise. Is this "couture" collection something bigger J. Scott has in the works or was this just a one-time deal? *shrug* Guess we'll just have to wait and find out, but if there is a god, PLEASE LET THIS BE A REAL THING. Amen.

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