Whip That Nail Art Into Shape!

’Indiana Jones’ themed nail art.
Photo: Via Kayleigh O’Connor

We admittingly spend WAY too much time perusing Tumblr for the best global nail art in the game, but sometimes we stumble upon someone sosososo special, that we have to dedicate an entire post them. World, meet Kayleigh O’Connor. Kayleigh O’Connor, meet the world. To put it lightly, this UK-based artist BLEW. OUR. MINDS. She not only does fantastic artwork on her nails, but she extends the fun onto her tips by playing with crazy shapes to bring her pieces of work to life. She’s an obvious movie fanatic and models a lot of her sets after classic films (like Indiana Jones above), but seriously, one look at her nail art, and she’ll leave you completely speechless. To create these insane tips, she shapes fake acrylic nails up to three times a week! We LOVE how Kayleigh is challenging our typical idea of nail art by creating mini sculptures with her tips, so we gotta give it up for the 24-year-old college student who, yes, does not even get paid for this. But enough with the chit-chat, let’s get on with the fun stuff—those nails!

’Harry Potter’ themed nail art.
Photo: Via Kayleigh O’Connor

In this set, Kayleigh modeled her nails after the Quidditch game in the Harry Potter series. For her thumb accent nail, she recreated the Golden Snitch in Gryffindor’s gold and maroon team colors, but we have serious quandaries as to how she, like, eats with those things on.

’Up’ themed nail art.
Photo: Via Kayleigh O’Connor

I mean, if you didn’t cry during the movie Up you either: A.) Have no soul or B.) Somehow fell asleep during the middle of it. But let’s be real, option A seems the most plausible. (See: This.) Kayleigh made US cry with her ridic nail art—look at the house floating on balloons! It is absolutely unreal how well executed this it. *slow clap*

’Star Wars’ themed nail art.
Photo: Via Kayleigh O’Connor

We’re totally nerds at heart and LOVE this R2-D2 Star Wars accent nail paired with glittery silver nails. POIFECT!

’Batman’ themed nail art.
Photo: Via Kayleigh O’Connor

This is probably the coolest thing ever—EACH nail is shaped after the infamous Batman bat ears. This could quite possibly snag on every piece of clothing you own, but it’s so worth it.

Ursula from ’The Little Mermaid’ themed nail art.
Photo: Via Kayleigh O’Connor

We almost didn’t put these suckers (heh), but we just COULDN’T resist. She modeled these bright purple octopus tentacles after Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I mean, can you say bad ass?

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