Kanye West Flashes Frontal Thigh, Underwear In Pants Malfunction

Kanye West Underwear

Kanye West an Kim Kardashian in New York on April 27.
Photo: Splash News

Aaand now we've officially seen it all. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were out and about in NYC on Friday, and 'Ye had a little, erm, problem with his pants while strolling around town. As in, they completely fell down. Not only is this totally mind boggling because 1.) They're leather trousers and usually those are impossible to get on and off as it is (leather + sweat = no bueno), but 2.) HE WAS WEARING A BELT. He knew he needed something to hold those bad boys up, but even that failed. Also, now we know what kind of underwear Kanye sports, and it makes us... feel feelings. Like, we could probably guess he wasn't a boxers guy, but man, these are teeny tiny! If you can tear your eyes away from his nether region, he also sported a killer navy velour jacket, a black crew neck tee, and Timberlands to complete his look. And hey, Kanye, maybe you can learn a style lesson from Kim K—see how she manages to keep her leather pants on while in public?

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