DIY Nail Art For Prom

OMG, prom is almost here! You've probably spent a bajillion hours thinking about the perfect dress, hair, and makeup for THE night of your life, but let us not forget one of the biggest ways to make a fashion statement—with your nails. Since you (or your mom, whatevs) will probably be shelling out mad dollars for the dance as it is, we found some totally DIY (and totally head-turning!) nail designs perfectly suited for prom night. Whether you want to go glam rock, a bit more trendy, or keep it classic, we've got something for you that you can ACTUALLY do at home. Warning: Your friends might be in awe of your glam and glittery tips all night long.


The absolute fail-safe option is the gradient glitter mani. It's sparkly, it's glamorous, and it's pretty much impossible to mess up. Ellen over at Omoimono did a FANTASTIC ombre manicure that we totally want to cop. To achieve her look, she used four polishes: sky blue, teal, and pastel purple for the base, and a thick glitter top coat for the sparkles. For the base gradient, follow this step-by-step tutorial. Then, top it off with some seriously chunky glitter at the tips that cascade down each nail, and voilà! You're done!


What? You didn't think your date would be the only wearing a tux on the big day, did you? We were so inspired by Zooey Deschanel's snazzy tips at the Golden Globes that we thought it would be absolutely PERFECT for prom. The ladies over at Cute Polish dedicated an entire video on how to recreate this red carpet look, and it's actually quite easy! All you need are some toothpicks, a skinny brush or nail art lacquer (like this), and you're good to go.


Prom Nail Art

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If you want to give your dress some serious competition, you should definitely try these two-tone nails with silver accents. This design requires a bit more skill and patience, but we think it's TOTALLY worth it. To get this look, you'll need two colors in the same palette for the base (we think pastels look classiest for prom!), Scotch tape to make sure your lines are absolutely straight, silver nail art strip tape, glitter polish, and a clear top coat polish. Paint each nail entirely with the LIGHTER of the two shades and wait for it to completely dry. Then take Scotch tape and mark off the areas that you want to paint with the darker color. Paint in the darker color, and, again, wait for it to COMPLETELY dry before moving forward. Gently peel off the tape, and cut and lay the silver strips in place. Add a coat of glitter to your accent nail. Once all is dry, add a top coat and let the compliments roll in.


If you're classy AND sassy, you might want something different than all the girly manicures you typically see—but you still want it to be glamorous because, duh, it IS prom after all. Over at the Nailside blog, they did this fancy lightning bolt mani that we NEEDED to share. They used a holographic nail polish to create that incredible glow paired with an opaque black and teal color. To learn how to do the double-sided bolt, check out their tutorial here. Spoiler alert: You'll need lots of tape. We're sure you'll shock (heh) everyone on the dance floor with these bad boys.


If you want something more classic, but NOT the French manicure *motions finger down throat with gagging noises* we think the ruffian mani is the best choice. It's an updated version of the half moon manicure and just as easy. All you'll need are two coats for this look—one metallic and one pastel/nude color. The ladies over at Chit Chat Nails free-handed this ruffian, but if you don't have a steady hand, you can use paper reinforcers as a guide. Who knew office supplies were so chic?


Alas, the caviar manicure! We did a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this, and—we kid you not—it is SO EASY. Like, you literally just paint your nails, sprinkle the beads on, and you're done. The best part is you look like a million bucks! We did our entire hand, but you can also go just for an accent nail if beading all the tips is too much for your taste. We recommend the Ciaté caviar set from Sephora, and we personally think the white pearls would look classiest for the big day. But, if that's not your thing, it also comes in black and rainbow. Do it up!

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