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Prom iPhone, iPad, and iPod apps.
Photo: Night Moves Prom 2012/Prom Girl/Tux: The Tuxedo Builder/Prom360/Updo Styles/Prom Ping

Thinking about all of the moving parts that go into *deep booming voice from indeterminate origin* PROM NIGHT is enough to send a girl into a full-fledged panic attack. The tickets, the ride, the dinner, the boutonniere (not to mention how to put it on your date without stabbing him), and of course, tracking down the perfect dress. Just thinking about it all is making my head spin (and I’ve been too old for prom for, like, a bajillion years). Thankfully, we live smack dab in the middle of the Information Age, where the Internet and Google and smart phones reign supreme. While prom goers have been getting along fine for years without the magic Apple touch, it needs to be acknowledged that there are apps out there designed for amplifying and augmenting the entire prom experience from the first flash of sequin to the last clock chime before your curfew, so we’ve rounded up a few notable ones for you!


Screen shots from the Night Moves Prom 2012 app and Prom Girl Catalog app.
Photo: Night Moves Prom 2012/Prom Girl

App: Night Moves Prom 2012
Available On: iPhone and iPad
Price: Free
What It Does: Night Moves is a kind of one-stop shop Prom app, providing a countdown to the big night, a place for holding your measurements (for that custom fit swagger), lots of prom inspiration via the Night Moves blog, and of course, an easy means to find your dream prom dress. You can search within the app by dress silhouette, from voluminous ball gowns to super sleek sheaths, and even track down nearby retailers – a super intuitive app with a fun, colorful, almost handwritten aesthetic that will keep you sane in an ocean of options.

App: Prom Girl Catalog
Available On: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Price: Free
What It Does: Prom Girl is retail giant in the prom space, and this catalog app makes the process of sifting through their extensive evening wear collection a lot easier. You can browse by style, hem length, color, price, body type and more, add dresses to your wishlist, and even buy them on the spot.


Screen shot from the Tux: The Tuxedo Builder app.
Photo: Tux: The Tuxedo Builder

App: Tux: The Tuxedo Builder
Available On: iPad
Price: Free
What It Does: If you’re kind of a Type-A stylette and the distinct potential that your cerulean dream gown might be standing next to (and CLASHING with) a powder blue tuxedo (be not afraid, my hand is raised with you), you might consider either discretely convincing your date to download this app or outright sitting down with him to enter his Apple ID password for this Tuxedo Builder. As the name suggests, you can digitally construct a kind of ideal suit with this database of styles and colors. Hunt down the perfect suit or shop for a while and weigh your options at the end by saving different pairings in the app’s “Fitting Room.”


Screen shots from the Prom360 app and Updo Styles app.
Photo: Prom360/Updo Styles

App: Prom360
Available On: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Price: Free
What It Does: Prom360 has its own dress shopping features with hook-ups to big name prom brands like Sherri Hill, but what makes this app really special is its wealth of meticulous pre-prom planning aspects. Tools like a budget section and layaway calculator help keep you from getting too carried away with the credit card. The prom checklist gives you tasks to mark off like when you lock down your jewelry, shoes, handbag, and alterations, but the best feature is the Prom Timeline which uses your projected prom date to create an extremely helpful itemized preparation schedule starting as early as 4 months before the big night. It doles out helpful advice like when to book your hair appointment and when to lock down dinner reservations as well as how long to expect factory orders to arrive at dress shops.

App: Updo Styles
Available On: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Price: $0.99
What It Does: If you’re dead set on working an updo for prom, this is a pretty handy app worth dropping a few cents on. The Updo Styles app provides photos from multiple angles of close to 100 unique chignon, twists, and buns. You’ll be able to show exactly what you want, and your hairstylist will love you for it.


Screen shots from the Prom Ping app and CatPaint app.
Photo: Prom Ping/CatPaint

App: Prom Ping
Available On: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Price: $0.99
What It Does: One of the last things you want to think about on prom night is, big picture, probably one of the most important: checking in with your parents. It’s something that, spoiler alert from adulthood, you get over after a few years, but at the crux of high school, no one wants to break off from their friends to say, “Hey mom, I made it…Yes, there’s a chocolate fountain…No, I won’t miss curfew…Yes, I brought an extra pair of flat shoes…No, you don’t need to stay up and wait for me in the living room even though I know you’re going to anyway.” Prom Ping attempts to eradicate this whole situation by setting up a quick mode of emailing or texting your parents with terse updates – “I’m fine” or “Call me” so you can feign a little “Ugh, it’s my dad…” + *eyeroll* move when they hit you back. The messages are extremely short, impersonal, and nondescript, so you should explain the deal to your parents before you decide to use the app. Otherwise, you might end up with the National Guard storming your “Cha Cha Slide.”

App: CatPaint
Available On: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
Price: $0.99
What It Does: Though certainly an all-season app, CatPaint should not be overlooked on prom night. You and your friends will be dressed, coiffed, and makeup’ed to the nines and you’re going to be taking a grip of pictures that night anyway, so why not alter a few (or fifty) to feature some cats with lasers shooting out their eyeballs? There really isn’t a logical counter-argument.

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