Viktor & Rolf Makes Extremely High-Waisted Pants

Viktor & Rolf jumpsuit

Viktor & Rolf's top-belt jumpsuit looks like a pair of extremely high-waisted pants.
Photo: Courtesy of Shopbop/Getty Images

It's an undeniable fact that waistbands are rising from their low-rise home of the early aughts. Where scant three years ago the term "high-waisted" was more frequently referred to as a kind of "Mom-ish" silhouette, the more modest line has since become a kind of norm. As is the cycle of fashion, as soon as you start becoming comfortable with something, at least one designer is ready to shake it up, and perhaps the Viktor & Rolf brand believes it is that such time for high-waisted pants. Billed as a "top belt jumpsuit," this Viktor & Rolf creation looks suspiciously like the MOST extreme pair of high-waisted pants on the planet.

In truth, when we saw this walk down the runway during Viktor & Rolf's fall-winter 2012 show, we had no idea it would look like this sans jacket. Too mesmerized by the metal tipped trench collar, immaculate seams, and brain-pettingly clean lines, we figured there was some kind of sleeve action happening underneath. Now that we see it posted up for e-retail, that over-boob belt gives this thing a pretty egregious paper-bag waist. It just happens at her armpits. It's that belt that really pulls this mind trick because if you imagine it moved down to the natural waist or even a little low slung as a drop waist, the piece immediately transforms. It becomes figure-flattering and believable and most importantly, looks nothing like you've been closet plundering with Robert Wadlow, the tallest human to ever live. What do you think of Viktor & Rolf's "top belt jumpsuit"?

{via Incredible Things}

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