Rihanna Reveals 'Where Have You Been' Wardrobe Fitting Video


Rihanna on the set of her "Where Have You Been" music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Rihanna's WhoSay

Rihanna is a certifiable master of the unlock. Along with her earworm-y hit records, the strategic foresight to allow and prepare multiple Internet Easter eggs on top of creating music videos, ad campaigns, and just having fun on vacation has helped Ri become one of the music community's most influential players. She's keeping up the slow reveal tactic for her upcoming video "Where Have You Been" and her latest offering is a double dose of behind-the-scenes footage: one of her wardrobe fitting and one on the set of the shoot.

In the peek at her wardrobe fitting, stylist Mel Ottenberg reveals that the wardrobe vibe is "voodoo, tribal" while the camera pans to racks and racks and racks of animal print and shawls and gorgeous covetable accessories that are all very luxe-meets-natural-elements. Ri's male back-up dancers try on their video duds which consist of printed head wraps, bark-like arm cuffs, and a delightful lack of shirts. Shirtlessness seems to be a theme for the video style as Rihanna also engages in a hilarious conversation about pasties in this sneak peek. (Side note: <3 her. For real.) In the on-set video, we're able to see how these looks start to come together, but we still can't wait to see the final product. Hurry up and release this thing already!

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