Christian Louboutin To Design Cinderella Glass Slippers

Christian Louboutin Cinderella shoe

Cinderella and her infamous glass slipper.
Photo: via Walt Disney Home Entertainment

Did you know that it was National Princess Week? Neither did we, and it's already Friday! What does this mean? Well, we have some celebrating to do in the name of princesses everywhere. (We're gazing your way, Kate Middleton.) Looks like we aren't the only ones getting into the spirit, either. Christian Louboutin just announced via WWD that he will design a pair of glass slippers in honor of the Blu-Ray and DVD rerelease of Walt Disney's Cinderella this summer. Whatever will these "magic touch" creations look like?

We're guessing they'll be sky-high for one. After all, Loubou is the KING of fancy stilettos. We're going to go ahead and wager that they'll be made of actual glass, too, because the man is nothing if not bold and literal. Remember that capsule bag he designed that looked like an actual capsule in honor of his capsule collection? (#GENIUS) He told WWD, “I have been so lucky to have crossed paths with Cinderella, an icon who is so emblematic to the shoe world as well as the dream world." Hmmm, this is very telling. Wethinks he's going to design Cinderella's dream glass slipper as opposed to an exact replica from the movie. But will it have sparkles in front like the Disney version? Or will it include squiggles etched into the glass? If stilettos are made of glass, what is the likelihood that the heels will break and impale your foot? (We digress.) The possibilities are endless and the slippers will most likely be dazzling... but hopefully they won't involve any royalty from the animal kingdom.

{via WWD}

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