These Are A Few Of Yuna's Favorite Things


Photo: Courtesy of Zel-Atif Ishak/FADER Label

There's something about the buzzed-about Malaysian beauty known as Yuna, you guys. See: The velvety smooth pipes that remind me of sippin' on a heavenly glass of Jameson on the rocks by the fireplace (and hopefully *fingers crossed* not getting sloshed solo) at a Parisian-friendly downtown boîte in the dreadful winter. Yum. Pair that whiskey buzz with Yuna's intoxicating (hehe) jam "Live Your Life" and then I'm really feeling thangs. There's also Yuna's viral Nirvana (!!!) cover of "Come As You Are" which results in my arm goosebumps tingling the way your insides do whilst listening to a melodic emo verse. A tear (or five) might have happened, too. Oh, and let's not forget Yuna's must-purchase self-titled debut album, released this week, which features my personal style god/fantasy boy toy (real name: Pharrell Williams) and his sensual, make-out-in-public-inducing beats. But since this is MTV Style and all, let's take a moment of sartorial silence to reflect on Yuna's signature crazily colorful head wraps (and head-turners) which are slaying our eyes/lives. I mean, have you SEEN that headpiece she made out of adidas Originals pants in the cute-as-HALE White Space Project video with Coco and Breezy? *breathe in, breathe out… DEAD* Alas, it being "Favorite Things" Friday, we gave Yuna our fashion-y survey, and if our puddle of desk drool (TMI?) is any indication, Yuna's responses totes did not disappoint. #AStyleStarIsBorn #BeMyBFF



All photos courtesy of Yuna

Statement piece: My head wrap. I think it's kinda obvious it's my favorite statement piece because I wear them all the time. I love bright-colored printed scarves, and I usually accessorize it with different things—headbands, a ribbon, even necklaces.

Perfume: Bvlgari Omnia Coral.

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn.

Era: The '60s!



Concert T-Shirt: A Peter Bjorn and John concert T-shirt! It was my first time watching them live in LA, and the cover art (with the three thumbs up) was really cool. I just had to get it. 

Fast Food Chain: Del Taco. Crispy shrimp tacos are my favorite!

Magazine: Magazine.



Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell's Lita boot.

Karaoke Jam: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. I don't know why, but when I was younger it was the song that I would sing for auditions and stuff like that. My favorite part is when you hit that high note on "Mamaaaa…". 

Current Trend: Bold prints.

Nail Polish: I don't normally wear nail polish because I hate the fact that I have to remove it every now and then, but I tried nail stickers from Sephora, and I love it.

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