Would You Wear A Jumbo Hair Clip?

Adia Kibur jumbo neon hair clips.
Photo: Courtesy of Shopbop

This wedged silhouette is a familiar one for all who struggled as an elementary school-age girl to tame flyaways and keep unruly hair tamed whilst climbing monkey bars and giving book reports. The tall, skinny isosceles triangle, the curved edge, that middle divet designed to add some extra postion-holding security. The click-click open and close of the clip may have even provided a kind of stress relief to you moments before a standardized test. And yet, these aren't the Goody snap clips from your childhood, namely because they're about the size of the average third grader's face. These jumbo neon hair clips are the handiwork of the good people at Adia Kibur, the very same accessories behind the unique and colorful pieces currently selling out left and right on Bauble Bar.

Part of me, one might argue the prudish grown-up-too-fast part, thinks these clips, while cute, are a novelty at best. I draw up a mental photograph of my closet of work separates and commuting shoes and immediately file these neon hair baubles away in the same place of my brain that houses adult pigtails and Botox and the plot of Young Adult. The other part of me, the part that craves Pixy Stix and chocolate chip cookies over coffee and whose eyes light up at the first few seconds of ANY *NSYNC song, thinks these are really really REALLY awesome. And that part just might be winning.

Sure, there is a very specific outfit with which you need to wear one of these, but I really believe there's a way to rock one of these gigantic hair clips and still be taken (somewhat) seriously wielding a vocabulary rife with multisyllabics. But perhaps that's just me being nostalgic. What do you think? Would you wear one of these jumbo clips?

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