Demi Lovato Wears Rihanna Tank In 'Fabulous Magazine'

Demi Lovato wears a Topshop Rihanna tank in "Fabulous Magazine" spread.
Photo: Courtesy of Fabulous Magazine/Topshop

We see it time and time again: stars wearing the visages of other stars across their t-shirts. Pauly D wore a Nicki Minaj tee. Willow Smith sported TWO crewneck homages to her Poppa Will in one week. And let's not forget Selena Gomez's stan-tastic Taylor Swift concert shirt. It's this brain-petting "They're just like us!" fashion moment that reminds us that celebrities aren't contained in a content-pumping vaccuum and are totally fans of other artists to the point where they would gladly/humbly parade their FACE across their own chest. Latest up at bat in the t-shirt homage game is Demi Lovato wearing a tank screenprinted with Rihanna's face in the latest issue of Fabulous Magazine.

Demi's Icon Tank exists courtesy of Topshop - a favorite brand of both pop songstresses. The tank features a snap of Ri from her landmark "We Found Love" music video (we'd recognize that denim Jeremy Scott bralette ANYWHERE). The only question is: will Rihanna return the favor à la the Kelly Kapowski Tiffani Theissen x Justin Bieber t-shirt love fest of last June?

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