Justin Bieber Wears Band Of Outsiders In 'Boyfriend' Music Video

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber wears Band of Outsiders varsity jacket on the set of "Boyfriend" music video.
Photo: Splash News/Courtesy of Barneys

No other pop star in recent years has made jackets such a statement staple quite like Justin Bieber. From leather moto silhouettes to snack-hiding mega-cowl neck styles, Bieber switches them up faster than Willow Smith changes her hair, each iteration more covetable than the next. Naturally, Le Biebs is rocking a sweet jacket for his newest music video, "Boyfriend," and being the fashion vultures that we are, we HAD to find out where he copped it.

It didn't take us long to uncover that this black-on-black varisty jacket is a creation from one of our favorite designers, Band of Outsiders. Justin looks all sorts of hypebeast James Dean in this leather-sleeved topper with that swooped almost-pompadour and gold metallic high-tops. Be warned that the jacket retails for more than a month of our rent (though, we'd expect nothing less of THE BIEBS), but if you're willing to drop 1,500+ bones on this No Bunk No Junk jacket, more power to you! And also, let us borrow it some time? *bats eyelashes and pushes single Hershey's kiss toward you*

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