Willow Smith Debuts Pink Mohawk

Willow Smith

Willow Smith debuts pink mohawk at the premiere of Sundance Selects' "First Position."
Photo: Getty Images

Willow Smith might not be able to whip her hair anymore after committing to a shorter shaved 'do in early February, but the speed with which she's switching up her hair is enough to give us serious whiplash. From freshly shorn to platinum blonde to seafoam green to bubblegum pink all in just two months?? Yowza. And now, nearing the end of April, Willow's altering her hair again. Thankfully, this time, our bb girl has taken a break from all the dyes and chemicals and carved out a fresh little mohawk.

Her hair has grown out a bit since the Kids' Choice Awards, revealing her natural color beneath the fading pink tips. The effect is a really cool one, giving Willow a kind of natural to blonde to pink ombre look, and the addition of the mohawk keeps the look streamlined, where leaving her full head of hair intact might have clown-ish potential. "Whip My Hair" jokes aside, we're happy to see Willow continue to experiment with her hair, especially in this less chemistry-heavy way.

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