Color Forecast Site Shows What Hues Are Trending Right This Second!

Color Forecast

The Color Forecast shows what hues are trending right now.
Photo: Via Color Forecast

We don't usually hardcore nerd out over the latest fashion technology here at MTV Style, but this latest color forecasting invention is just TOO good to pass up! The tech-savvy minds over at Pimkie clothing created a website that tells you what color of clothing is trending in real time on the streets of major fash-forward cities. Like, you can dress according to what OTHER people are wearing at this exact moment. Whoaaaa. At the click of a button, we can see the color patterns in Paris, Milan and Antwerp even though we're miles beyond miles away, but, awesomeness aside, you probably want to know how this whole thing works, right? Well, thanks to this informational vid, we've got ALL the deets.

The creators set up high-definition cameras at highly-populated hot spots in the three main European cities, which gathers color pixels of any moving object that passes through the viewfinder. These gatherings (LOL at science-y words) are then sent to a computer that has a color tracking software developed by Pedro Cruz. It then analyzes the passing colors and shows (in real time) which hues are currently being worn the most. The colors are then complied in easy-to-read infographics, so we can quickly see what hue is trending where! Pretty cool, eh? This entire system could be used for ANYTHING fashion-related if you think about it. What if they could identify if people are wearing things like rain boots, then we'd know to wear ours too. Ahhh, all of the possibilities! *mind explodes* To find out more about the Color Forecast, check out the video below!


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