Topshop Features Prom Style Shopping Section


Topshop has a Prom Queen Style section.
Photo: Courtesy of Topshop

Spring is definitely in the air. While we're still experiencing our fair share of April showers, there are enough sunny-skied temperate days to remind us that we're on a steady transitional path onto sun-soaked shoulders, freshly cut grass, and balmy evenings. With the onset of Spring comes seasonal twitterpation, merry-making and of course, PROM. We all know Camille La Vie/Group USA and David's Bridal will be stocked for the annual formal function, but it looks like UK retail giant Topshop is getting in on the Prom action, too.

Topshop has curated a section that they're calling "Prom Queen Dreams", and it's brimming with all the glittery pastel goodness you could want for a perfect prom-semble. Stand-out dresses that will have you turning heads on the dance floor, faux collar necklaces to supply an extra dose of sweetness to your ensemble, on-trend mixed metallic sandals to complement whatever color you choose to wear - it's all there for your easy shopping perusal!

No matter what your personal prom steez is - funky, edgy, bohemian - Topshop's prom style section clearly attempts to cover all girls. The best part? These pieces are prom-appropriate without being too arms-flailingly "I CAN HAZ CORSAGE?" that you wouldn't be able to recycle them past your one-time extended curfew.

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