Trending?: Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, And Taylor Momsen's Platform Boots

Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, Taylor Momsen

Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, and Taylor Momsen wear platform boots.
Photo: Splash News/Getty Images

We aaaaall know the '90s are back. From jumpsuits to roughed up denim to flannel shirts tied around waists to Jeremy Scott's entire 2012 fall/winter collection, the garments from the dawn of the Information Age are experiencing a revival of epic proportions, but now, thanks to Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, and Taylor Momsen, raver chic appears to be resurfacing in footwear, as well.

Take a good, hard look down at these ladies' feetsies and study up. If the star-studded "thumbs up" to this style is any indication of how the winds may move in footwear, these creeper-type platform boots just might be the next "It" shoe. Right behind sneaker wedges. Maybe. Whether you favor a patent candy color like Miss Minaj, a knee-high buckled look like Azealia, or the slightly more subdued ankle-length style that Tay Mom is working, there's likely a flavor of these kicks for all your wardrobe needs. The best part? Much like creepers, you can have all the height without many of the pains of heels.

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