Let's Discuss: This Puppy Makeup Tutorial

Venus Angelic

Venus Angelic poses in her puppy makeup tutorial.
Photo: Courtesy of VenusAngelic's YouTube channel

Brought to you by the same girl behind the living doll makeup craze, Venus Angelic has uploaded a brand new beauty tutorial, and while the muse isn't an inanimate object, unlike many of her previous videos, the subject is pretty much the same echelon of eyebrow-raising. You read the headline already, so you know we're talking about puppies. PETA need not worry because Venus Angelic isn't putting makeup ON puppies, but rather, teaching the people of the Interweb how to do their own makeup in the likeness of a puppy.

We're not sure when, outside of maybe Halloween and themed parties, you'd want to look like a baby dog, but whatever. You do you. Sure, it's not the most mainstream of daily beauty looks out there, but perhaps there's something to be said about the out of control eye-enlarging skills of this makeup method. I mean, those peepers look, like, Bratz doll big! We could probably do without the bell collar, but it's undeniable that Venus Angelic clearly has a way with cosmetics.

While naysayers will likely turn their nose up at the idea of a 15-year-old wearing makeup (which granted, we agree is pretty early to start shellacking on the war paint - your skin is, after all, already brimming with a kind of genuine youthful exuberance that can't be replicated by any cream or powder), we have to commend the girl for knowing what she's doing. The contouring tricks and false eyelash application are expert status. The thorough explanation of every move, both how and why you're doing this step, is remarkable. And the care to film close-ups as B-roll to play with voice overs so that her videos are not only informative but engaging and efficient is just above and beyond. Haters may find it a bit off-kilter, and truthfully, we're not sure that we'd ever rock this look, but there are worse and weirder things this girl could be doing with her time than making videos about foundation and lip gloss.

{via Jezebel}

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