Meet Tumblr's New 'Fashion Evangelist' Valentine Uhovski

Tumblr Fashion Evangelist Valentine Uhovski

Valentine Uhovski at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 10, 2010.
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When the blogging world collides with the fashion industry, we always get nerdily excited—especially when it comes to Tumblr, one of the most fashion-heavy social media sharing platforms existing today. Just this week, Tumblr hired a “Fashion Evangelist," named Valentine Uhovski, and even though we were immediately weirded out by the job title (what does it even MEAN?), we needed to know everything about what exactly this occupation entails. Fashionista caught up with the former Daily editor and got all the deets, including how he landed the gig and how he plans to expand the fashion community at one of the biggest blogging platforms on the internet. Check out some snippets from the interview below!

Tumblr Fashion Evangelist Valentine Uhovski

Valentine Uhovski during his first day working at Tumblr.
Photo: Valentine Uhovski's Tumblr

VALENTINE ON HOW HE LANDED THE GIG: "We worked with 5 awesome local bloggers this [NYFW Fall 2012] season, and the content they created on their individual blogs and on our NYFW tag page was incredible. From top brands like Marc Jacobs and Rachel Zoe to our partners at Milk, everyone couldn’t have been more supportive. Nicola Formichetti, who’s a certified Tumblr addict, also got involved by working with us on an event and creating his own amazing Nicopanda virus blog. About a month after Fashion Week, I got a call from Tumblr with a job offer and I was extremely excited to join."

VALENTINE ON HIS NEW ROLE: "Tumblr is growing so fast every day, and our incredible fashion community is growing with it. We’re excited for mega brands with upcoming Tumblr launches, as well as a media debut that the industry will be very excited about. But my goal is to intimately work with bloggers and designers of all popularity levels, and to continue to strengthen our community, including our international fashion bloggers. My other mission is to get everyone we know and love on our dashboards. I sincerely believe everyone in fashion and beyond should be on Tumblr, because they’re missing out big if they’re not."

VALENTINE ON TUMBLR'S RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FASHION WORLD: "Tumblr ultimately is filled with the most creative people in the world. It’s the most visual, most addictive, and most immediate forum for fashion. And a blogger from Croatia is just as important as Prabal on Tumblr. I think that this community of millions of fashion folks on Tumblr creates the world’s largest, most exciting, and regularly updated magazine and it just keeps getting better."

If you're feeling SUPER inspired by Tumblr's continued community building in the fashion world, you can even hit up Valentine himself to share any "ideas, musings, and inspirations" on his personal blog. Get to it!

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