Nicki Minaj Wears Another (Even Bigger) Harness

Nicki Minaj wears a leather harness while out in London, England.
Photo: Getty Images

About this time last week, we spotted Nicki Minaj wearing an outfit that can best be described as an arithmetic equation: sheer shirt + body harness - pants. It appears the formula has altered slightly, but the base of the sequence is still there. There remains a severe lack of pants, we're not sure what lies beneath the new addition of a squeaky looking Members Only jacket, and while there is still a harness involved, it has grown considerably. Perhaps Nicki reads the blog and really takes our trend pieces to heart which, you know, would be really flattering were it true. We just... IDK, we thought maybe we mentioned wearing these trendy harnesses with clothes underneath, not in substitution of them.

Sure the, I guess - erm - hem of this particular body harness is longer than last week's, but we'd just like to reiterate that these things are meant as accessories and not entire outfits in themselves. Granted, Nicki has been doing her own thing since Day 1, and far be it from us to try and stop that. We just don't want the girl to go off and trade in all her garments for a (maybe) fleeting leather body ornament trend. Maybe we're just mom-ing out over here, but whatever, we're genuinely concerned! For fear of smothering Miss Minaj, we won't speak another word of it. Just quell our fears with a non-verbal cue next time you're spotted by the paparazzi. A pair of palazzo pants means you still have a wealth of trousers back home. Leggings or tights means you need us to send you a pair of jeans. We'll be watching and waiting!

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