Let's Discuss Dakota Fanning's Hair Jewelry

Dakota Fanning Hair Chain

Dakota Fanning at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival on April 17 in New York.
Photo: Getty Images

Let's get right to it. Dakota Fanning wore a super cute, hot pink structured mini cocktail dress to Vanity Fair's opening night party celebrating the Tribeca Film Festival. The hue of the dress, gentle blown-out blonde tresses, and neutral clutch and shoe game were spot on. SPOT. ON. Now, before I get all short-breathy and overcome with Victorian vapors that might require a fainting couch and mild dose of smelling salts, let me preface what might turn into a teensy-tinsy bit of a step-on-the-pulpit diatribe about hair jewelry with this very important fact: there is nothing wrong with hair accessories. I love 'em and have been known to throw some flowers in an updo or wear a headband that looks like a giant melted inkblot. There's nothing wrong with being playful or adventurous with your hair game. *exhales while folding hands together* But hair chains? This is an accessory I find ABOMINABLE.

Miss Fanning is lovely. She's a fantastic actress, loving sister, and new college student. Also, she's one of the Tribeca Film Fest's judges, which is an esteemed position. Never one to jump on a red carpet without looking pressed and styled to perfection (like that time she looked pristine sitting next to George Lucas at NY Fashion Week), I'm perplexed by this hair accessory choice. What is it supposed to be? A golden halo? Some sort of futuristic hippie hair adornment? And how do you get this thing ON? Is it clipped? Tied? Melted? I have so many questions.

While it's not as soul shattering as Kim Kardashian's ponytail hammock (*shudder*) or as Medieval Times-ian as Nicole Richie's head thong, there's still something rather lackluster about these hair chains. It's like they have no point of view and neither tip their precious metals to ancient times or give a nod towards anything fresh or whimsical. They're just kind of lying atop her forehead like limp brass spaghetti. I. JUST. DON'T. GET. IT. And I especially don't get the choice of this accessory with such a bright and modern dress. It does nothing to elevate or accentuate the look. I could go on and on... But what say you? Do you like Dakota's hair chains or do you think this is a stylist's choice gone wrong?

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