This Is What Snooki's Closet Looks Like

Snooki Closet

Snooki shows off her closet.
Photo: Via @Snooki's Twitter

I'd never thought I'd say this, but I think I'm jealous of Snooki. The Jersey Shore girl tweeted a pic of her closet last night with the caption "My closet=my sanctuary," so of course I HAD to click on it. In the picture, Snooki is posing in a gold, glittery fedora showing off some serious shoulder, and if you look behind her, BAM! The mega-monster closet space. Cue everyone living in New York City simultaneously crying. I mean, I grew up in the SUBURBS OF CHICAGO, and I never had a closet space nearly this huge. Her hardwood floor walk-in closet features entire shelves dedicated to all of her shoes, bags, and all other animal print accessories. Further down we see that she has a spacious hanging rack for her clothes, and, man, HOW DO I GET ONE OF THESE THINGS? Like, this might be as big as my entire apartment, but I don't even care.

Even though Sex and the City was a god-awful movie, I can't even deny that my heart skipped a beat when Mr. Big showed Carrie Bradshaw that RIDIC closet he built for her. (Ew, did I seriously just reference that film? #killme) I just want a wardrobe space I can hang out/have a party in. Gosh, even just SIT IN. Can you imagine all the time you'd save not having to rifle through your pile of shoes every morning? Sigh. If only I could have every last bit of my wardrobe on display at all times. So here, here! Let us salute dear Snooki for that AMAZEBALL closet of hers. You did good, Snooks. You did REAL good. We can only imagine what her baby's wardrobe space is gonna look like.

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