Trend To Try: Statement Head Pieces

There are certain hair accessories (*cough* hair chains *cough*) where one should heed warning, but when chosen wisely, hair adornments like fascinators, fun headbands, or anything involving animal ears can truly elevate a look. Thanks to pop style slayers like Lady Gaga and her hair-o-dyanmics or Nicki Minaj and her penchant for bear hoodies, statement head pieces are making a comeback, and luckily our fave online shops are getting in on the action. Headed to a party in your little black dress? Pop some cat ears up in there. Going to an outdoor music festival in a tank and cutoff jean shorts? Tip it out in a mini feathered headdress. No need to worry your pretty little heads about which ones to choose, though, because we've done all the work for you…


ASOS Cat Ears Fascinator, Panda Sequin Hat, and Pom Pom Ears Cap.
Photo: ASOS

This ASOS Cat Ears Fascinator Hat is what we're talking about where your black dress conundrum is concerned. Pin this purrrfectly jaunty li'l cap to the side of your head, add heels and a generous sweep of cat-eyed liner and you're guaranteed to stand out at a party. The ASOS Panda Face Sequin Hat would also do the trick, but we like the idea of wearing this with bright colored separates or with tailored menswear for a tricked out Janelle Monae kind of feel. But if you're into the sporty trend, try pairing your track suit with this super cute ASOS Pom Pom Ears Cap and platform sneaks as an ode to '90s ravers. Need more ideas? Right this way!


Free People Suede Feather Wrap, Marina Callis Flower Headwrap, and Bando Ahoy Headwrap.
Photo: Free People

; Urban Outfitters; Bando

Free People's Suede Tie Feather Wrap screams Bonaroo. (#amirite?) Wear with a faded concert tee, shredded denim shorts, biker boots, and a fringed suede purse for just the right amount of vintage rock and roll. Flower garlands are often relegated to weddings or spring fling party frock attire, but we love this poppy crimson and coral Marina Calis Multi Flower Clavel Headwrap and would wear it with anything from a gauzy tea dress and beat up Converse to a maxi dress with sky high plats. Just make sure to keep your hair simple. The same goes for this adorbs Bando Ahoy Headwrap made of gold sailing rope. It's equal parts nautical flapper and '70s free spirit, so to keep it from being too period, wear it with a playful jumpsuit and heels.


Maison Michel Cat Ears and Bear Rain Hat.
Photo: Opening Ceremony

OK, these are DREAM head pieces right here, mainly because they're pricey, but we all have something to wish for right? This Maison Michel Knitted Spiders Cat Ears headband is meow, meow, and MEEE-WOW. (Also, #MeWant.) It's delicate, feminine, and sassy in just the right way and really wants to be worn with a mini skater dress. But the Maison Michel Bear Rain Hat With Visor has dual purposes. Yes, it's a rain hat (cuter cousin to the hands-free umbrella?), but with gentle flecks of gold and a sweet black ribbon at the neck, we kiiinda wanna wear this as just a regular hat. Maybe all the time. That would be a statement indeed.

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