These Are A Few Of Sabi's Favorite Things

Sabi Favorite Things

Sabi in a SS12 Joyrich sweater.
Photo: Nikko La Mere

For all you tardy for the party, meet our latest obsession: Sabi. Uh huh, she’s the one tearing up the la-la-la-la-la's (and semi to blame) for the universe’s fave reigning cruisin'-top-down-off-key-belting-fest via Cobra Starship's "You Make Me Feel Good" hit. She's also the girl behind Britney Spears' "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" song from the immaculate popgasm known as Femme Fatale. Honey, if Brit Brit thinks you're hot, then you're Jalapeño-flavored Cheetos all kinds of HAWT. Moving on, we had to wash the fire down with a light Caramel Frap after drooling over Sabi's new-ish music video for "Wild Heart" from her forthcoming debut album. Our initial squeals included: "OMGAH! High-top Reeboks?"/"She better werk a navy turban!"/"OH HAY to the papier-mâché hearts igniting, and WE FEEL YOU, GIRL *hand waves* for Sabi losing it whilst sangin' 'DAYUM THIS WILD <3 OF MINE' on her bedroom floor in a fierce gown." Then yesterday, the "Where They Do That At" music video featuring Wale premiered on JustJared, and we rolled under our desks and stayed there shivering in delight for the rest of the day. Reason: the straight raven locks, the big bad hoops and the baggy camo pants paired with a little midriff/the return of the turban action = Sabi's KILLING IT annnd giving us a little Aaliyah vibe. (P.S.- Is that a belly-button gilded chain? *DEAD*) Yes, Sabi you are that somebody (had to!) whose closet we'd love to raid after getting coffee/being besties/gossiping about Brit Brit 4 lyfe. So, without further style-spazzing ado, prepare for major closet envy with Sabi's *Oprah voice* favorite things!


Sabi Nameplate Necklace

Photo: All images courtesy of Sabi

Statement Piece: My Sabi nameplate! [ED NOTE: It's featured in the "Where They Do That At" video.] It's a necklace that connects to a belly-chain and when I wear it, it’s always a conversation starter.

Shoes: Any kind of heeled boot... they are normally more comfortable than a pump, in my opinion, and they always look bad ass.


Sabi Perfume

Perfume: Christian Dior's "Addicted to Life" is my fav scent at the moment. It's girlie but has a kick to it. And as you can see, it's almost gone.

Concert T-Shirt: I never went to this concert, but I came up on a dope Tina Turner concert shirt that I love cause it’s fun and bright. I wear it all the time.

Fast Food Chain: I don't eat fast food anymore, but I would eat at Subway which isn't really fast food in my opinion. There's always something healthy and yummy in there.


Sabi Tattoo

Tattoo: I love my "Art" tattoo because it reminds me that I am in the entertainment biz for the love of the art—the love of performing and making music.

Magazine: There are a few magazines that I'm into, but I check for Nylon magazine because I think it's a perfect mix of cool, hard, edgy, smart and rebel girl.


Sabi Tattoo

EBay Purchase: Black shades are a must because they add a cool factor to everything, and you can get by even on your worst days with them on.

Karaoke Jam: Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams". I just LOVE that song.


Sabi Nails

Nail Polish: I really like American Apparel nail polishes. Lately I've been rocking pastel, Easter-like colors, but my favorite is this sky blue looking one... mostly because blue is my favorite color.

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