Adventures In Caviar Manicures: Play By Play

The Ciaté Caviar manicure!
Photo: MTV

The minute anything new comes out in the nail art scene, I POUNCE. I absolutely need to be the first one to try the latest-and-greatest nail craze, so when I saw that the Ciaté Caviar Manicure FINALLY hit Sephora, my eyes lit up, my hands reached for my wallet, and my finger pressed the “Add to Basket” button faster than I could say “RAINBOW CAVIAR PEARLS.” When they arrived, I started crying. JK, that didn’t happen (I’m not cuh-razy, y’all), but I was so excited when they came in, that I forced my boyfriend (hi, Josh!) to spend his Saturday taking pictures of me trying it all out for the first time. When I posted my final product to Facebook/Instagram/every social network ever, I was surprised by the amount of people that thought my fingers looked like food. These are actual comments I received: “I feel like I’ve gained 5 lbs just from looking at all of these sprinkles” and “I want to eat your fingers. Sprinkled covered gummies heeeheee.” Creeepppyyy. Even someone in the office said my tips reminded her of those “licorice things,” which the internet tells me are “non-pareil licorice buttons.” Good thing I hate licorice or else I’d be nibble-nabblin’ at my fingers all day. So that’s my only forewarning, folks—before taking these bad boys out for a spin just know that people might want to DEVOUR YOUR HANDS AT ANY WAKING SECOND. Anyway, onward!


Photo: MTV

There she is! The lovely package you’ll receive in the mail if you decide to do the caviar manicure. It includes a bottle of nail polish, the caviar pearls, a funnel, and a tray.


Photo: MTV

Here’s the polish and the caviar pearls up close. The bows are super cute until you actually start trying to use the nail polish and it gets it the way, so take that sucker off right from the start.


Photo: MTV

I followed the directions pretty closely, and after doing one thin coat of the polish and letting it dry, I began to add the second coat of polish (as seen above) with my tray all ready to go beneath my hands.


Photo: MTV

Oooh, this is the fun part! Grab the pearls and carefully (or not, I don’t judge) pour the beads over your freshly-painted, still wet finger. Key point: You’ll need to do this one digit at a time because the polish needs to be wet for the caviar to stick on.


Photo: MTV

After you get over the loss of some of your caviar beads not making it into the tray (farewell my fair-weather friends), GENTLY press the rainbow pearls into your polish to set.


Photo: MTV

It should look like this. BAM! So HD, amirite? Repeat on each finger, and let these bad boys dry for a full 20 minutes.


Photo: MTV

The instructions strongly advocate against using a clear top coat, (which basically goes against all rules of manicures ever) and suggested that if you still wish to use one, to only keep it contained to the tippy top. Being the stubborn person that I am, I was like, “Pfffft! I’m totes adding a top coat!” which resulted in the color of the beads RUNNING OFF into a gross gooey mess (I’m too proud to post pics) so listen to them, and DON’T DO IT. Here, I’m being a good girl and sticking to very top of the nail.


Photo: MTV

After you’ve let your nails fully dry, be a GOOD. PERSON. and clean up after yourself. The kit even comes with a funnel (!!!) to pour all your beady remains back into the bottle for future use. YUS.


Photo: MTV

And voilà! This is what they should look like (minus the gross sausage fingers). The package says they only last 48 hours, but I’m going on day three, and they are still almost entirely in tact.

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