Get Lady Gaga's Circle Sunglasses For $40!

Lady Gaga Circle Sunglasses

Lady Gaga on Saturday wearing sunglasses.
Photo: Via Lady Gaga's Facebook/Quay Eyeware

Lady Gaga CERTAINLY is a lady of luxury in her typically-couture ensembles, but over the weekend she posted a pic on her Facebook page sporting some actually affordable (!!!) sunglasses. That's right—Mother Monster wears killer retro sunnies that cost under $100. These matte black bad boys retail for $40 on and come in five different colors, ranging from clear gold to speckled tortoiseshell to red and white color-blocked frames. (And we ALL know that color block accessories are huge right now.) We can think of 1,001 ways to wear these '70s-inspired specs, but Lady Gaga decided to pair them with a very First Lady-looking ensemble. She twisted her hair up into a messy beehive and paired her oversized sunnies with giant, '80s-era gold circle earrings and a gold button-up suit jacket. She kept her makeup minimal as she was heading off to dance practice on Saturday. She said, "Off to rehearsal! Running the show, my muscles hurt today. #NoPainNoGlory" Also, dudes, remember when Gags claimed she was going to "shut out all the noise" and go into hiding for awhile? Well, we hope this picture means she's comin' back in the public eye because—real talk—we miss her so much. Come back, Lady Gaga! We live for your street style aannddd basically everything you do. xoxo, MTV Style

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