Katy Perry Ditches Blue 'Do For Pretty Purple Locks

Katy Perry Purple Hair

Katy Perry with blue hair in London on March 19 and with purple hair at Coachella on April 13.
Photo: Getty Images

In the world of Katy Perry hair color, nothing is off-limits. We're becoming kiiind of obsessed with how much KP switches up her hair hue because it's always something fun and fearless. This weekend at Coachella was no different—she ditched her bright blue bob for long and luscious royal purple strands! Even though Katy's blunt cut was super chic, we missed her cascading curls so much, so we're glad to see them back in full force. We're also feeling the slight ombre hue of her hair that starts off more indigo at the roots and transforms into a vibrant violet at the ends. Pretty! Since bright colors are known to fade, we're guessing when KP starts to wash her hair it'll become a light lavender, which will be perfect for the spring. She joins the ranks of other purple-haired ladies including Selena Gomez, Jessie J, Jordin Sparks, Emily Browning, and Snooki, just to name a few! But tell us, do you like Katy's new purple locks or should she have stuck with her blue 'do?

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