Calvin Klein Sells 'Hunger Games' Katniss Dress on Net-A-Porter

Katniss Calvin Klein Dress

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games' and the Calvin Klein dress named after her.
Photo: Courtesy of Lionsgate/Net-A-Porter

Giant movie franchises based on popular books are kind of a thing right now. There's huge hype beforehand, lots of internet hullaballoo when the film premieres, and then it all dies down little by little until the next franchise peeps around the corner. It's kind of like when Halloween candy goes on the shelves in August but is completely forgotten about on November 1st, but it doesn't involve as much tooth rot or unwearable costumes. Such is not the case with The Hunger Games, though. (Random thought: how many Katniss's are we gonna see this October 31? I totally call dibs on Effie Trinket!) The dystopian teen survival story of Katniss Everdeen (played by the super talented Jennifer Lawrence), who is chosen to battle to the death in a televised Survivor-like thrill fest is still going strong, especially in the fashion world. Case in point, Calvin Klein released a Katniss Dress on Net-a-Porter today that is, well, insanely expensive and not very Katniss-like.

Aside from the structured shoulders which hearken her sporty black, red, and gray training outfit (and that's stretching it a bit), there's really nothing that screams Katniss about this dress. There's no essence of District 12, Girl on Fire, or even chilling out in mama's country kitchen with a hissy cat and adorbs little sis Prim kind of feel; in fact, the only thing that seems Katniss about this wear-it-to-a-fance-summer-wedding tea dress is the name, "Calvin Klein Collection Katniss silk-crepe dress." Like the fine folks over at pointed out, did this dress sail down the runway then later get the Katniss moniker slapped upon its cap sleeves to rack up sales? What are you thinking here, Francisco Costa?

Described as "the perfect showcase for the season's pastels trend, with crisp and clean silhouettes in saturated sorbet hues" in a shade of "apricot," we're vigorously scratching our collective heads while emitting repeated HUHHHHs and WHAAAATs because, really, Katniss and her family were on the verge of starvation and hadn't seen anything close to an apricot or crystal dish of sorbet in, ohhhh, maybe FOREVER. But, hey, "finish with a few gold accents and ankle-strap sandals" while wearing this $5,000 dress (YES), throw on a Marie Antoniette wig dyed in shades of mint and melon, and you'll be good to go in your Capitol Couture. And please don't forget to add some Hunger Games accessories, too. #amirite?


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