Now You Can Rent Katy Perry And Jennifer Lawrence's Viktor & Rolf Blue Swirls!

Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence

You can rent Viktor & Rolf's blue swirl style worn by Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Rent the Runway

Remember when we instigated a Viktor & Rolf style showdown between Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence? We were all "ZOMG, the blue swirlies!" and "fishnets + filigree = zhamazing!!" and stood with flashlights shining right between your eyes, prodding at you from behind a curtain of ethernet cables to tell us who wore it better. Regardless of whoever won the battle, the notable appearance of this style on such gigantic stars with divergent but equally excellent taste makes this V&R cerulean scroll style a certifiable hot commodity. What's more, thanks to the good folks at Rent The Runway now you can wear it yourself!

Just in time for Prom season *wink wink Mom and Dad*, the e-rental boutique is letting you borrow the stunning cobalt Mad Hatter Dress, complete with fishnet insets and chic peekaboo back for just $250 - a small fraction of the frock's near $2000 retail price. We think this dress would look great on the dance floor with a strong eye and relaxed updo. But hurry up and reserve the dress soon if you really like it. As expected, the dates its available are dwindling quickly!

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