Lily Collins Forces Us To Reconsider Pantsuits

We're really into this pantsuit look on Lily Collins.
Photo: Getty Images

You know how sometimes you can totally psyche yourself out about style stuff? You think, "No, that shape is just not for my body-type," or "my face could never carry that hairstyle," whateverwhatever rampant apprehension. We're all for having a signature steez, but it's also super refreshing to change things up once in a while. Fashion is, after all, an ever-evolving landscape. Well, until little Lily Collins trotted down the Cartier Juste un Clou after-party red black carpet in this gooooooorgeous Dolce & Gabbana number, we had mentally relegated pantsuits to Wall Street, Capitol Hill, and the occasional Kardashian. I mean, WOW, this girl is really doing this right!

Lily Collins typically wears frilly feminine dresses.
Photo: Getty Images

You might remember that we cooed over Amanda Seyfried's jewel-toned short-suit back in November, but real talk, shorts are much more akin to skirts than full-on trousers. You're still showing all that skin and knees and YOUTH that you would in a skirt, so in our eyes, they're an easier sell. Pantsuits can project an initial mental image of DIPLOMAT or EXECUTIVE, but thanks to Miss Collins, we're realizing that even the girliest girls can ditch their feminine frocks for some sleek, sophisticated duds once in a while.

The Mirror Mirror starlette usually epitomizes the girly, romantic aesthetic with cascading tendrils and dramatic full skirts, but for this D&G two-piece, she slicks her hair back in a wet-look ponytail, letting her striking features (THOSE STRONG BROWS!!!!) and deep brick red lip do all the work. Her suit features a meticulously tailored long-line jacket and slim leg, high-waisted trousers. She caps it all off with a flirty ruffled blouse buttoned all the way to the top and smart minimalist accessories. To make a long story short, she KILLED ITTTTT, and we're still taking notes. *bows in exaltation*

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