These Are A Few Of Katie White From The Ting Ting's Favorite Things

Ting Ting's Favorite Things

Jules de Martino and Katie White from The Ting Tings.
Photo: All images courtesy of Katie White

Show of hands (or spirit fingers, if preferred): Whose fave screeching-in-the-shower/pre-game jam is STILL "That's Not My Name" from the quirky and colorful Brit power pop duo known as The Ting Tings? *raises hand enthusiastically WITH spirit fingers* FORREALS, I'd like to take a moment to thank Jules de Martino and Katie White of the Ting Tings from the bottom of my (perpetually inebriated) heart for creating an indie pop masterpiece about my "same story/different weekend" habits at many a janky, strobe-light flickering, occasionally smelly East Village gay dive bar! TO WIT: "NO, ___'s not my name, honey...!" (but you can still have my number/buy me a vodka pineapple/shower me in compliments). Finger snaps for that timeless tune, guys! #VoiceOfAGeneration

Us MTV Stylerz are obvi admirers of front-woman Katie White and her punky powers, especially in the new-ish video for "Hang It Up" which finds Ms. White looking, duh, awesome (see: bleached bangs veiling one eye a la Aaliyah, baseball bat and platform Converse!!!). Who else can shout so adorably on key (exhibit A: "Shut Up And Let Me Go!") with an English accent (we still miss you, Scary/Ginger Spice) and boast a baseball hat collection and an extensive assemblage of vintage concert tees?

When I got my chit-chat on with homegirl for this week's "Favorite Things..." column, it was love. I very-nearly-totally-almost asked her to put a Topshop ring on it. I MEAN, a penchant for hoarding National Geographic, an appetite for intense donuts and nail stickers? YES PLZ! We're stuck to you like nail sticker glue, girl.


Ting Ting's Favorite Things

Shoes: I love creepers especially for performing on stage. I fall flat on my face in high heels! I also recently bought some stacked Converse from a shop in Tokyo that I'm loving!

Statement piece: Either a T-shirt with fried eggs on it or a beautiful polka dotted Dior dress that never fails me.

Perfume: Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is my favorite perfume. It smells sweet. I want to eat it.


Ting Ting's Favorite Things

Tattoo: I have a couple of tattoos but the one that my hairdresser Charlie Le Mindu has on his hand is by far the best that I've seen!

Concert T-Shirt: I have a red Gorillaz T-shirt I bought at a concert in Manchester a few years back. It has a bunny rabbit thing on it with the words "Shoot to Ill."


Ting Ting's Favorite Things

Fast Food Chain: It has to be Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland. They're obscene!

Magazine: National Geographic. Beautiful photography and factoids.

Karaoke Song: "Red Red Wine" by UB 40. Have no idea why… I sometimes sing it to warm up my voice in the dressing room before gigs. That or "A Little Respect" by Erasure for that "tooooo meeeeee" bit where a seagull sound is produced by all.

Nail Polish: I love nail stickers by OPI for Sephora. I manage to scrape most nail polish off on my guitar strings so these are really quick to stick on.

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