Rihanna Or Liv Tyler: Who Wore A Givenchy Flower Tee Best?

Rihanna Liv Tyler Givenchy Tee

Rihanna in New York on March 18 and Liv Tyler in Paris on April 12.
Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna and Liv Tyler have a thing for Givenchy. And style-offs. In fact, Rihanna went head-to-head in a Rottweiler tee with Kanye West and so did Liv, in the very same tee. We don't know if it's a serious love for the House of Givenchy, support for Rottweilers in general, or just a basic need to try and one-up Yeezy, but perhaps there's something to this here. Case in point, both stylin' ladies are in a fash-duel yet again, this time in an oversize Givenchy silk orchid tee. But who wore it best?

Ri Ri wore the look several weeks ago with a bandana when out and about in NYC and we were seriously digging the pairing of graphic silk with denim, a long varsity jacket, worn-in boots, shades, and bright crimson lips. Not to draw it out or anything, but we love this look. It's exactly what we want to look like every Saturday for the next month as it is exactly the type of ensemble that goes from the street to a chilled out party like it ain't no thang. BUT, we ask you this: do the dirty, ripped-up jeans take away from the flowing femininity of the blouse? This is something to ponder. Also, we've been scratching our heads as to Ri's choices recently, like those Battleship premiere pajamas.

Liv looks put-together in the Givenchy orchid tee, which is paired with a black tube skirt, shades, heeled sandals, and a black blazer used as accessory. Though the tee needs a serious iron (did this just go from folded up in the suitcase to over the head and ready for photographing? *tsk*), we like that it shows off the flower more. Also, it must be noted, Liv's sleek n' shiny nonchalant hair is covetable and casual. But the ensemble, as a whole, seems a little too safe and polished. We kind of dig the boots that Ri wore with it more... and the bandana. Still, this is a lovely daytime or low-key spring evening event look, and that gets props! Why is this always so difficult? Perhaps we need the aforementioned Kanye West to wear it with his ubiquitous leather pants so we can have a three-ring orchid circus matchup the likes of which we fash obsessives have never seen. What say you?

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