Britney Spears Looks Amazing In $20,000 Bra

Britney Spears

Britney Spears looks amazing on the set of her Twister Dance video shoot.
Photo: Courtesy of @Ray_Kay's Twitter/Britney Spears's Facebook

Hush, just stop! *Britney Spears "Stronger" signature growl* Our totally-in-unison squeals up in the MTV Style headquarters just shook Times Square like a perfectly executed Brit Brit shimmy, y'all. Reason: The Holy high-kicking Spearit pulsated our souls like an 808 drum whilst our eyeballs experienced partial paralysis because of *breathe in, breathe out* these STUNNING pictures Britney tweeted last night! (Okay, she actually uploaded them onto this thing called "Path" which we're gonna file under "unclear on" right there with Pinterest…[WE ARE RIGHT NOW FIGURING IT OUT THO!]) With the X-Factor judge rumors soaring to insanity kinds of proportions, Britney's keeping our mind-losing in check with these flaw-free, behind-the-scenes images directly from the set of her commercial for her new Twister game. Yep, Britney + Twister = O__o! In other words, let the X-mas-in-spring parties commence.

First up, can we please talk about Twister? Oh, hi 1994, missed you and your Space Jam soundtrack. Britney must've taken note that vintage is SO in, because homegirl's ab game is so on point circa "...Baby, One More Time". The exposed midriff is back but without the pigtails and with a "Not A Girl," "Totes A Womanizer" flare in—get this—a $20,000 BodyRock Sport bra! There's 18K gold skulls dangling from the zipper with DIAMOND EYES and hand-cut Swarvoski crystal hearts. Yeahhh. Let's break the rest of the outfit down for you like a Brit dance sequence (preferably the "Slave 4 U" belly dancer bit). That flow-y, tie-dye cropped cape thing is totally on trend, and we need it for Coachella (if we had tickets) now. Then Britney pairs it with BodyRock Sport black leggings with leather-on-the-knee embellishment, a killer black heel, and a solo neon green glove to add a little BOOM BOOM POW to the black-and-white ensemble. And, are we right or are we RIGHT in coming to the conclusion that Brit's styling is giving us Alexander Wang/downtown darling boutique OAK NYC-approved inSpearation? PS: The video clip is directed by the dance-til-you-die-heavy "Till The World Ends" director Ray Kay (who is smokin' hawt, as seen above), so our expectations are high as a Xtina note for the return of the unbeweavable hurr Whipney in a sea of pelvic-thrusting back-up dancers. *convulses uncontrollably on our vintage Twister mat, dies smeyesing and in a split*

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